week#7 Choice post W/ Essentials

                            Who has a Mother or Father that has passed away? I do My Father died when  was nine years old and in fourth grade.When I heard that my Father was dead I didn’t sleep for four nights straight. I mean who wants to hear that one of there parent’s are not alive anymore it bring’s devastation to the whole family. Each year it’s just really hard to have Fathers day around because it bring back memories especially around his Birthday.

                            I picked this subject because Fathers day is coming up soon and so many people ask me if I have a Father well…I do he’s just not alive anymore his life was a little dramatic in the moment he died it’s complicated. I think it’s really sad that my Birthday is around Fathers day.My Birthday is on June 5th and My Fathers Birthday is on July 10th.He will always be a part of me because I am who I am because of him and because he helped create me.

                             My Father was an expert at art that was the main thing he was really good at and I’m pretty good at art as well I inherited his talent when I was eight years old.The things he was good at drawing that I can’t draw is characters from the looney tunes or fairies.Things I’m really good at drawing that he could draw are flower’s or animals. He had other pretty good talents I’m sure but he was never around me  ever he was there for my Birth and until the time I was about 3 or 4 years old when he left Me,my Mother,and my Little sister.Creative Commons License themostinept via CompfCreative Commons License themostinept via Compfightight 16th May 2017

Week#5 Culture and Family

In family there is my mom, her fiance, three sisters, three brothers but, I only live with my three sisters and my mom and her fiance. One of my family’s traditions is a family reunion. In our family reunions we eat, talk, and play board games. A cultural event for us the 4th of july. On the 4th of july we usually do fireworks we have a steak out and sometimes go to the coast.                                                             Bill Dickinson via CompfightJuly 4th Weekend